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Why does the sync starts back at 0% when I restart Fether?

The background process to synchronize the blockchain does not restart from scratch. The sync continues from the point was left the last time Fether was launched.

How to delete an account?

We voluntarily did not allow to delete accounts from Fether user interface. In case you really what you are doing and do not want an account not to appear on Fether, you can local and move the keystore file from the keys folder. You will find it here:

How to use Fether on a different network?

You can pass specific flags (such as --chain) for Fether to launch the underlying Parity Ethereum with:

# Launching Fether with Parity Ethereum light client on Ropsten
$ /path/to/fether --chain ropsten --light

How to access to Fether terminal and console logs or errors to help to troubleshoot

To help the developers understand what is going on when Fether crashes, it is essential to provide console logs. The console logs are accessible on:

Terminal logs can also be useful and are available at the following location:


C:/Windows/Users/<your user>/Application\ Data/fether/fether.log


~/Library/Application\ Support/fether/fether.log



How to connect Fether to a full node?

Fether will automatically connect to any Parity Ethereum node (using WebSockets port 8546). To connect Fether to a full node, simply launch Parity Ethereum with the flags you want

# Launching Parity Ethereum full node on Ropsten network
$ parity --chain ropsten

Launch Fether (using the graphical interface or in the console), it will automatically detect the local node and connect to it:

# Fether will connect to the running node
$ /path/to/fether

What is “taskbar mode”

Per default, Fether runs as a tray application and doesn’t have any window decoration (basically a frame and the usual minimize/full-size/close button)


Taskbar mode is true by default.


Taskbar mode is true by default.


Taskbar mode is true by default.

How to run Fether without taskbar mode (no tray icon)

TASKBAR=false yarn start

Troubleshooting: If it hangs on a white screen in Electron even though it has compiled and has been syncing for a long time, then simply choose ‘View > Reload’ (CMD + R on Mac, CTRL + R on Linux/Windows) from the Fether/Electron menu.

Developer Tools: Open developer tools automatically by running DEBUG=true yarn start when not in the production environment.