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Parity Fether is a fast and decentralised wallet based on Parity Ethereum light-client.

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Fether aims to be the lightest and simplest decentralised wallet. It supports Ether and ERC-20 tokens and runs on top of Parity Ethereum light client allowing smooth synchronisation and interaction with the Ethereum blockchain, in a decentralised manner.

By default, Parity Fether alpha runs on the Kovan test network. You can receive free Kovan Ether by posting your address in the Kovan Faucet Gitter channel. Fether will download and launch Parity Ethereum node at startup if it’s not found on the computer. You can also separately launch your Ethereum client, and Fether will automatically connect to it.

If you run into problems while using Parity Fether, feel free to file an issue in this repository or hop on our Gitter or Riot chat room to ask a question. We are glad to help! For security-critical issues, please refer to the security policy outlined in

Parity Fether connects to the light node using light.js, a Javascript library specifically crafted for Wallets to connect with light clients. It is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause and can be used for all your Ethereum needs.

Passing Parity Ethereum flags

You can pass specific flags for Fether to launch the underlying Parity Ethereum with:

# Launch Parity Ethereum light client on Ropsten and connect Fether to it
$ /path/to/fether --chain ropsten --light

Separately launch Parity Ethereum node

You can launch Parity Ethereum before Fether:

$ parity --chain ropsten --light

In another console launch Fether:

# Fether will connect to the running node
$ /path/to/fether

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Launch using the binaries


tar -xf fether-0.1.0.tar.xz 
cd fether-0.1.0/

Build from sources

git clone
cd ./fether
yarn install


Make sure you have at least yarn version 1.4.2

yarn --version // Should be at least 1.4.2

Clone this repo

git clone
cd ./fether
yarn install

Build this repo and run

yarn electron

Build binaries

yarn package

Run with live reload for development

yarn start