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The Parity UI uses an underlying DappReg contract to lookup and display dapps that have been registered on the network. Currently the contract does not have a DApp/UI yet, however it is available for both Homestead (mainnet), Ropsten, Kovan, and Morden (testnets):

You can find the ABI for this contract if you follow the link for the Homestead contract.

WARNING Only interact with the DappReg contract if you are certain you know what you are doing and understand the risks.

Reserving a DApp

Execute the register(_id: bytes32) function on the DappReg contract with a unique id (once a DApp/UI is available this would probably be the sha3 of the name or a unique generated id) - the id could be as simple as the content hash for the initial dapp code (as generated by the GitHub Hint DApp)

Ensure that the required fee (currently 0.100 ETH) is paid and that the owner address is the address you wish to use to update associated metadata with.

Once registered, the id field in the manifest should (optionally) be updated to reflect this new DappReg id. Internally Parity will only use the DappReg id for applications retrieved via the network as to avoid conflicts and name clashes.

Adding metadata

Set the metadata for the registered dapp with the setMeta(_id: bytes32, _key: bytes32, _value: bytes32) function on the contract. In each case -

Currently available metadata keys are the following -